The Trust is wholly owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania: Eastern and Coastal Diocese, whose activities, transactions and directions doesn’t conflict with the ideals, beliefs and dogma of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Aim and Objectives of ECD Investment Trust

    • To trace the historical performance of the ECD’s investments, and find any publicly available information regarding the shortfalls or otherwise in the performance of the ECD’s investments
    • Establish investment strategies including the market timing strategy, the buy and hold strategy, the pro and cons of each investment strategy.
    • To advice the ELCT-ECD where and when to invest and how much to invest.
    • To be a vehicle that will be used to achieve greater investment by the ELCT-ECD for its well being so as to support itself financially
    • To secure adequate and stable financial and other resources for construction, management and maintenance of the ECD Development Projects.
    • To mobilize financial resources from the general public and in certain specific communities and groups in society, locally and internationally, in order to meet the cost for implementing development programmes and activities.
    • To organize and execute special events for fund raising
    • To establish relationship/association with institutions both locally and internationally in order to provide quality education and life skills to the ELCT-ECD.
    • To monitor and audit the use of funds disbursed to authorized recipients and beneficiaries and ensure strict adherence to the objectives of the Trust.
    • To cooperate with relevant national and international institutions in order to participate jointly in fighting against poverty
    • To receive gifts, donations, grants, voluntary contributions etc for the purposes of furthering the Trust’s objectives