Welcome to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Eastern and Coastal Diocese (ECD). The ECD has Parishes, Sub-parish and six Districts which make a Diocese of more than 2 million members who actively participate to spread the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve the society spiritually, mentally and physically.

The Diocese headquarters runs its day-to-day activities as one-party of the Diocese. The plans are then prepared to be consolidated with other Plans from District Office, Parishes, Sub-Parishes, Centers with a view to having one Diocese program.

+ To Strengthening Services and methods of preaching the Gospel at all levels of the Diocese
+ To establish and improve Social Services
+ To establish and improve sustainable sources of revenue
+ To add and develop Resources, Infrastructure and Good Governance
+ Keeping the Environment and adaptation to the Characteristics of the Country

There is always something happening here in Eastern and Coastal Diocese, and We invite you to come and find out more about our Diocese. We hope that this Digital Welcome Kit will give you the information you require regarding life at Eastern and Coastal Diocese.