Mkuza Girls Secondary School

Mkuza Girls’ Secondary School. P.O. Box 30023 Kibaha, Pwani. TANZANIA. E-mail:


Who we are:


Education Excellence for Women Dignity.

The school is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in TanzaniaEastern and Coastal Diocese. The school is registered with S. 4567. It is a school which educates girls from Form 1 – Form 6 in science, arts and commercial combination. It is a day and boarding school and girls from different denominations can enroll.

We are molding our students basing on Christian faith so as to enable them to be a reliable catalyst towards development within their community, nation and world.

Where are we:

The school is at Kibaha about 40 km from Dar es Salaam along Morogoro Road at Picha ya Ndege in a spacious land of about 20 acres. We have planted a lot of trees which modifies the weather. A garden supplies the school with fresh vegetables.



Most preferable distinguished Girl-Child educating school.


Our Mission is to recognize and embrace each student’s uniqueness, enlightening them to appreciate their natural physical, social-cultural and economic being while learning to act optimistically toward reforming their future through academic excellence.

We are a Christian Girls’ School envisioned to serve the Living God in the global community with due respect in:
*The sense of fear to the Lord God.
*The sense of humanity.
*The sense of stewardship.
*The sense of compassion for the need.
*The sense of cultural, social and racial diversity.
*The sense of exploring and taking opportunities worldwide.


We are committed to the Lord God and the Girl-child in ensuring that she gets favorable environment and proper education that promotes her physical, spiritual, mental and psychological well-being so that she becomes a reliable resource in building her future, her local and international community while fulfilling the Lord Gods mission for eternity.

Future Expectations.

Bring your children for quality education and decent parenting!
To have an educational training centre from Primary school up to vocational training. We still use the school in the holidays for short seminars or training for women.
Expecting to install a Fund for orphans that will support the vulnerable and marginalized girls to get quality education for their life betterment.

Mkuza Girls’ Secondary School. P.O. Box 30023 Kibaha, Pwani. TANZANIA. E-mail: